Use Tactics to Get More Instagram Followers

I use social media as a marketing tool since I mostly work from the internet anyway. I sell a number of products with a network marketing company and have found Instagram to be very useful as a way to sell. The trick is that you need to get a good following in order to succeed at this.

My aim here is to give you a precious tip or two to use in that direction. Early in my Instagram marketing attempts, I learned that the photos posted need to be good. What is good? There is really no magical formula but there are some simple rules to follow.

The photos you use need to be colorful and sharp. They also need to be natural without the use of artificial filters or gimmicks such as colors added in or digital additions. People can tell if you do this and it mostly is a trick that amateurs use.

The images also need to call on the emotions of people who see them. I use emotionally evocative images to grab attention and then I lead that in more with the caption that has a call to action in the direction of my brand for marketing. When you do this, you are creating powerful advertising images.

When I have posts that are not getting much attention but I have clearly done the best I can with the images, I buy followers and likes (I use a company called Buzzoid). This is something you can do too. All you have to do is find a good site to buy them from. It actually works and I think I know why.

Many people just do not want to follow a post unless it looks like it has followers already. Rather than being crippled by this little trick of human psychology, just buy some likes and followers and tag them onto the posts that are not picking up a natural following.

Then people will start to clue in and you will get organic followers and real likes on top of what you bought. From there, I keep on posting to keep up the momentum. It is only natural that some of your posts will not get much attention so this is a trick you can use.

I also found out about shout outs. That is when you either agree to do this or you buy the shout outs. It is a simple procedure when you agree with another user to share and like their posts if they share and like your posts. You each exchange contacts and the result is more followers. This also works well.

Usually, you can find some users that will do this neat exchange. If I can’t, I just buy the shout outs and that is possible too. In fact, there is a big market for it and it is a great way to end up on some of the more popular accounts.

As long as you buy followers and likes for Instagram, just be sure to spread out the values across several posts.

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