Instagram Followers Become Leads

I have been using Instagram as a site for social media marketing for over a year and it has resulted in more real leads than just about any other method I have tried. There are nearly 400 million users on Instagram and that is all over the world. I think that is a great audience to appeal to.

You can do the same thing. Just create an Instagram account if you do not already have one. That is the first and most obvious step. From there, you need to begin by focusing on the images that you post. I always have a stock of good photos to select from and I am always taking more.

Use photos and images that are very colorful. The photos need to be natural so do not use the filters that Instagram provides. At least do not do it on your marketing posts because it has become an automatic turn off. I also make sure that the images capture and convey emotion.

Just because things go slow at first, do not lose hope. You can buy real active Instagram followers so that your lagging posts pick up some momentum and look like they are more popular than they might be. That way, it looks like the posts are being heavily followed.

This little trick of psychology gets more people to follow. I believe that this is because people do not want to be alone with following. They want to see that a post is already liked and followed, as if someone has tested the waters already. It just looks more appealing.

You see, I build a following so I can generate leads and that should be your goal as well if you truly want to sell more by using Instagram as a platform for marketing. At the same time, you can boost your numbers of email subscribers from your follower base.

The trick to that is using your bio. I keep my bio brief, avoiding too much description. It works for me to put in a call to action only in the bio that if people subscribe to my email list, they will get automatic discounts and freebies. You will be surprised at how well that works.

To give your numbers a push-up, buy real active Instagram followers when your posts are not getting much attention. When I do this, which is not too often, I make it a point to keep track of the results, differentiating between organic followers and the ones I buy.

You can also buy likes on for your Instagram posts. The same principles apply. This is something I do fairly often, actually. I find that the posts with more likes tend to pull in more followers and then, as long as I can get them to look at my bio, it generates strong sales leads.

Use these little tricks to get more followers just like I have. You will find that you end up with many great sales leads and it just gets better over time.

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