A Trick or Two for Instagram

If you have just started out on Instagram and you are using it to gain a following for marketing purposes, you will need a tip or two like I did in the beginning. I found some suggestions to be useful but you will have to see if they work for you or not. Each situation is unique so I do not want to impose.

I learned at an early stage that the most important aspect of any post you make is the image that you post. Mostly, you will need to use pictures. Sometimes you can get away with a big caption alone but that would have to be a really good caption of the best quality and it would have to be worth sharing.

As I learned, it is best to post only the most crisply clear and detailed images you can make. Photos should be natural and very colorful. I know it is best to use images that bring up emotions for those who see them. That way you can really tie your marketing into the image.

What you post at first may not get much attention. When I have this problem, I buy followers and likes to give the post a good boost. It actually works and that is probably because people are reluctant to follow something new if it does not have a following already.

I know that seems like it is a bit odd but just think about how people are. It is as though they are really timid about doing something unless it seems like others are doing it. It is much like the kids who do not want to go into the pool until there are already kids in the pool.

I also discovered that you want the picture to be strongly relevant to what you are marketing. It needs to somehow tie into your brand or you need to use the caption to make it do so. I use both the image and a caption to create a post that is truly worth sharing.

I make sure that my Instagram post images say it all. The captions are just a bonus but you can play a better caption if you already have a very strong image. This is important to understand. It was clear to me from an early stage that Instagram is all about the images. After all, it is a photo-based site.

Since it is a site for social media and not for business, I make it a point to use some personal and behind the scenes posts in addition to anything that has to do with my branding. When you do that, you leave a more personal feel for each post and that is important if you want to win hearts and minds.

When I buy followers and likes, I make sure to use them only for the posts that need them. This is important to understand because when you already have a good following on certain posts, you just do not need to overdo it.

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