A Good Instagram Following Gets Business

For people like me who use social media for marketing, Instagram is not a game. It is more like part of the business movement and you set the pace. Anyone who does this with Instagram can tell you that you have to do a bit of work to increase your sales with it but it is effective.

I started out the way everyone must by creating an Instagram account. I created a concise bio with a clear call to action that includes an opportunity for followers to subscribe to my email list. In turn, right in the bio, I offer anyone who subscribes discounts and special offers on a regular basis.

I will state more about converting followers into subscribers later. First, I need to make it clear that you main goal is to get real followers and as many of them as you can. In fact, it is vital that you keep them coming in. This way, you can gain some very strong sales leads and get your brand out there.

At first, I had to buy real active Instagram followers from a site that deals in such services. I will tell you why. I had many dead posts and something told me that I needed to have an existing following in order to entice more people to follow. It just makes the posts look more popular from go.

I found that this tactic is effective so I suggest it to anyone who is just starting out with social media marketing. Instagram is largely about the photos you post but it is also about an image of popularity. It is good to have a bit of a marketing budget for this so you can get momentum going.

Once I started to get a steady following, I knew it would not be enough to simply continue posting without some other efforts. That is when I learned about engaging the followers. You need to reply to comments and like what your followers post. Visit their accounts and be active in a positive way.

I make it a point to set aside time for just this every day and you will do well to do the same. When you do this, it shows your followers that you appreciate them and that you are not just a selfish marketer. On top of that, it helps if you continue to buy real active Instagram followers to keep up your numbers.

Now I want to describe how you convert followers into email subscribers. You email subscribers are your go to leads. They are the people who will buy from you so you need to treat them right. Since Instagram will not allow you to put a link on posts, you have to do it in your bio.

As long as you have interesting posts that are worth sharing, followers will start to view your bio more often. That is why I put the call to action and offer incentives to those who subscribe but, as I stated, I do that in the bio.

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