Instagram Followers Become Leads

I have been using Instagram as a site for social media marketing for over a year and it has resulted in more real leads than just about any other method I have tried. There are nearly 400 million users on Instagram and that is all over the world. I think that is a great audience to appeal to.

You can do the same thing. Just create an Instagram account if you do not already have one. That is the first and most obvious step. From there, you need to begin by focusing on the images that you post. I always have a stock of good photos to select from and I am always taking more.

Use photos and images that are very colorful. The photos need to be natural so do not use the filters that Instagram provides. At least do not do it on your marketing posts because it has become an automatic turn off. I also make sure that the images capture and convey emotion.

Just because things go slow at first, do not lose hope. You can buy real active Instagram followers so that your lagging posts pick up some momentum and look like they are more popular than they might be. That way, it looks like the posts are being heavily followed.

This little trick of psychology gets more people to follow. I believe that this is because people do not want to be alone with following. They want to see that a post is already liked and followed, as if someone has tested the waters already. It just looks more appealing.

You see, I build a following so I can generate leads and that should be your goal as well if you truly want to sell more by using Instagram as a platform for marketing. At the same time, you can boost your numbers of email subscribers from your follower base.

The trick to that is using your bio. I keep my bio brief, avoiding too much description. It works for me to put in a call to action only in the bio that if people subscribe to my email list, they will get automatic discounts and freebies. You will be surprised at how well that works.

To give your numbers a push-up, buy real active Instagram followers when your posts are not getting much attention. When I do this, which is not too often, I make it a point to keep track of the results, differentiating between organic followers and the ones I buy.

You can also buy likes on for your Instagram posts. The same principles apply. This is something I do fairly often, actually. I find that the posts with more likes tend to pull in more followers and then, as long as I can get them to look at my bio, it generates strong sales leads.

Use these little tricks to get more followers just like I have. You will find that you end up with many great sales leads and it just gets better over time.

A Good Instagram Following Gets Business

For people like me who use social media for marketing, Instagram is not a game. It is more like part of the business movement and you set the pace. Anyone who does this with Instagram can tell you that you have to do a bit of work to increase your sales with it but it is effective.

I started out the way everyone must by creating an Instagram account. I created a concise bio with a clear call to action that includes an opportunity for followers to subscribe to my email list. In turn, right in the bio, I offer anyone who subscribes discounts and special offers on a regular basis.

I will state more about converting followers into subscribers later. First, I need to make it clear that you main goal is to get real followers and as many of them as you can. In fact, it is vital that you keep them coming in. This way, you can gain some very strong sales leads and get your brand out there.

At first, I had to buy real active Instagram followers from a site that deals in such services. I will tell you why. I had many dead posts and something told me that I needed to have an existing following in order to entice more people to follow. It just makes the posts look more popular from go.

I found that this tactic is effective so I suggest it to anyone who is just starting out with social media marketing. Instagram is largely about the photos you post but it is also about an image of popularity. It is good to have a bit of a marketing budget for this so you can get momentum going.

Once I started to get a steady following, I knew it would not be enough to simply continue posting without some other efforts. That is when I learned about engaging the followers. You need to reply to comments and like what your followers post. Visit their accounts and be active in a positive way.

I make it a point to set aside time for just this every day and you will do well to do the same. When you do this, it shows your followers that you appreciate them and that you are not just a selfish marketer. On top of that, it helps if you continue to buy real active Instagram followers to keep up your numbers.

Now I want to describe how you convert followers into email subscribers. You email subscribers are your go to leads. They are the people who will buy from you so you need to treat them right. Since Instagram will not allow you to put a link on posts, you have to do it in your bio.

As long as you have interesting posts that are worth sharing, followers will start to view your bio more often. That is why I put the call to action and offer incentives to those who subscribe but, as I stated, I do that in the bio.

Use Tactics to Get More Instagram Followers

I use social media as a marketing tool since I mostly work from the internet anyway. I sell a number of products with a network marketing company and have found Instagram to be very useful as a way to sell. The trick is that you need to get a good following in order to succeed at this.

My aim here is to give you a precious tip or two to use in that direction. Early in my Instagram marketing attempts, I learned that the photos posted need to be good. What is good? There is really no magical formula but there are some simple rules to follow.

The photos you use need to be colorful and sharp. They also need to be natural without the use of artificial filters or gimmicks such as colors added in or digital additions. People can tell if you do this and it mostly is a trick that amateurs use.

The images also need to call on the emotions of people who see them. I use emotionally evocative images to grab attention and then I lead that in more with the caption that has a call to action in the direction of my brand for marketing. When you do this, you are creating powerful advertising images.

When I have posts that are not getting much attention but I have clearly done the best I can with the images, I buy followers and likes (I use a company called Buzzoid). This is something you can do too. All you have to do is find a good site to buy them from. It actually works and I think I know why.

Many people just do not want to follow a post unless it looks like it has followers already. Rather than being crippled by this little trick of human psychology, just buy some likes and followers and tag them onto the posts that are not picking up a natural following.

Then people will start to clue in and you will get organic followers and real likes on top of what you bought. From there, I keep on posting to keep up the momentum. It is only natural that some of your posts will not get much attention so this is a trick you can use.

I also found out about shout outs. That is when you either agree to do this or you buy the shout outs. It is a simple procedure when you agree with another user to share and like their posts if they share and like your posts. You each exchange contacts and the result is more followers. This also works well.

Usually, you can find some users that will do this neat exchange. If I can’t, I just buy the shout outs and that is possible too. In fact, there is a big market for it and it is a great way to end up on some of the more popular accounts.

As long as you buy followers and likes for Instagram, just be sure to spread out the values across several posts.

A Trick or Two for Instagram

If you have just started out on Instagram and you are using it to gain a following for marketing purposes, you will need a tip or two like I did in the beginning. I found some suggestions to be useful but you will have to see if they work for you or not. Each situation is unique so I do not want to impose.

I learned at an early stage that the most important aspect of any post you make is the image that you post. Mostly, you will need to use pictures. Sometimes you can get away with a big caption alone but that would have to be a really good caption of the best quality and it would have to be worth sharing.

As I learned, it is best to post only the most crisply clear and detailed images you can make. Photos should be natural and very colorful. I know it is best to use images that bring up emotions for those who see them. That way you can really tie your marketing into the image.

What you post at first may not get much attention. When I have this problem, I buy followers and likes to give the post a good boost. It actually works and that is probably because people are reluctant to follow something new if it does not have a following already.

I know that seems like it is a bit odd but just think about how people are. It is as though they are really timid about doing something unless it seems like others are doing it. It is much like the kids who do not want to go into the pool until there are already kids in the pool.

I also discovered that you want the picture to be strongly relevant to what you are marketing. It needs to somehow tie into your brand or you need to use the caption to make it do so. I use both the image and a caption to create a post that is truly worth sharing.

I make sure that my Instagram post images say it all. The captions are just a bonus but you can play a better caption if you already have a very strong image. This is important to understand. It was clear to me from an early stage that Instagram is all about the images. After all, it is a photo-based site.

Since it is a site for social media and not for business, I make it a point to use some personal and behind the scenes posts in addition to anything that has to do with my branding. When you do that, you leave a more personal feel for each post and that is important if you want to win hearts and minds.

When I buy followers and likes, I make sure to use them only for the posts that need them. This is important to understand because when you already have a good following on certain posts, you just do not need to overdo it.

What Do You Do If Your Growth Stagnates on Social Media?

Being a business owner on social media is not always an easy ride. As you start working out what it is that you want to do and how you may want to proceed with things, you will get a lot of opinions as to how you may want to try and work things out and see what you need to do. How are you supposed to know what is going to make the biggest difference? And what happens if you’re already established and you start to see your page stagnate?

Not getting enough Instagram followers can feel overwhelming, and you may be trying to make sense of how you need to try and get things done. Here are some tips that you can try to make sure that you don’t end up missing out on followers that you could be obtaining.

Buy another burst of followers. Getting a burst of activity is always a good thing. It helps to draw people to what it is that is going on with your page and it helps with your algorithm. Don’t go too crazy with buying followers – that could look strange and end up hurting you instead of helping you – but a little burst that trickles in over a week or so could end up being really helpful to your site.

Do a contest or other campaign to get people’s attention. You want to get people’s attention? Free stuff is the way to do it. Not only will it get more people to your page, but they may also look around and check out exactly what you’ve been doing. This will get you more followers and a number of them may stick around if they really like and believe in what it is that your business has to offer in the first place.

Interact more and connect more.  Interaction is what makes social media different than other forms of media, and you need to use it to its fullest potential. Take some time to talk with other people that are in your niche and with people who comment on and like your pictures and posts. If you interact and show people your human side just a little bit more, you will find that they are a bit more likely to go ahead and work with you. They’ll follow your site and be more likely to share whatever it is that you’re posting about as well, and that will go leaps and bounds.

There are a lot of ways to get out of this “funk” and as you work out what is going to make the most sense, you want to be sure that you’re looking closely at what you need to do and if you’re going to want to make some changes as time goes on. Look at what you can find and make sense of the details in order to be sure that you’ve got what you need and how you want to get there in the end.